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The Joker: The Cornered Clown

Ripped(almost literally) from the cover of Superman Family #177 (July 1976)  it’s the clown prince of crime hawking some Hostess Fruit Pies.  Now my first thought here is why in heaven’s name would you want your wholesome pies associated with a psychopath like The Joker?  I think the last panel sums it all up.  I … Continue reading

Spider-Man: The Champ

Scanned from Master of Kung-Fu #51 (April, 1977). The writer has one page to tell his tiny tale and promote the virtues of baked goods, so one can expect the concept to be a little rushed, but this installment takes it to whole other level.  Why was The Foe disguised as a referee?  Why can’t … Continue reading

Batman: The Whole World’s Upside Down

I’m kicking off the first post with a mix of common and unique for the Hostess ads that I found in Superboy #227 (May 1977). Common:  In the 40 ads I’ve cataloged over the past couple weeks Batman has appeared in the most ads.  Considering he’s among the most popular comic book characters of all … Continue reading

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