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Batman: The Whole World’s Upside Down

I’m kicking off the first post with a mix of common and unique for the Hostess ads that I found in Superboy #227 (May 1977).

Common:  In the 40 ads I’ve cataloged over the past couple weeks Batman has appeared in the most ads.  Considering he’s among the most popular comic book characters of all time this makes perfect sense.  Who wouldn’t the Dark Knight pushing their product?  Especially if it’s golden flaky crust surrounding sweet fruit filling.  Yum yum.

Unique:  Most of the ads are interior pages so the color is a little faded 30-some years.  This one is on this inside front cover with the glossy paper so the colors are still vibrant.

This is also a little different in that Fruit Pies are being stolen is the impetus for Batman’s involvement instead of Fruit Pies being used as the solution to a problem.  Also, I think Topsy Turvy is a made-up villain, or at least I hope he is.


About briandettmann

Brian Dettmann started collecting comics in the summer of 1984 when he and a friend stopped by the Waldenbooks and Paper Tiger bookstores in the Fox River Mall in Oshkosh, WI. Despite moving to comic/civilization deprived eastern Vermont a couple months later, the two issues purchased that day led to a lifetime of reading and collecting comics (not to mention spending untold amounts of money). Now in his early-40s Brian lives in north Texas with his (unbelievably patient) wife, three (non-comic reading) children and varying amounts of dogs. He still reads comics, but doesn’t consider himself much of a collector anymore. Brian has been writing and drawing comics almost as long as he’s been reading them. His current strip, “Kids ‘n Dogs,” premiered February 2008 in The Chronicle, a great weekly newspaper published in Glens Falls, NY, where it can be read (nearly) every Thursday.


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