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Aquaman and the Imperiled Sub!

Generally speaking ocean water and baked goods don’t mix very well.  Not only is your cake soggy, but the delicious creme filling is salty (and fishy). In this installment Twinkies aren’t used to fight crime or solve a problem, but as a means of celebration after Aquaman and Aqualad save a sub from a rogue tidal wave.  Well, dolphins save the sub, but Aquaman is giving orders and Aqualad watches like a young male ward should.  I bet the dolphins are annoyed when the heroes don’t share the rewards with them.  Typical day for our seafaring mammal cousins.  Is it just me or is Aqualad one of the most useless characters in the history of comics?



About briandettmann

Brian Dettmann started collecting comics in the summer of 1984 when he and a friend stopped by the Waldenbooks and Paper Tiger bookstores in the Fox River Mall in Oshkosh, WI. Despite moving to comic/civilization deprived eastern Vermont a couple months later, the two issues purchased that day led to a lifetime of reading and collecting comics (not to mention spending untold amounts of money). Now in his early-40s Brian lives in north Texas with his (unbelievably patient) wife, three (non-comic reading) children and varying amounts of dogs. He still reads comics, but doesn’t consider himself much of a collector anymore. Brian has been writing and drawing comics almost as long as he’s been reading them. His current strip, “Kids ‘n Dogs,” premiered February 2008 in The Chronicle, a great weekly newspaper published in Glens Falls, NY, where it can be read (nearly) every Thursday.


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