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Batman and Professor Plutonium

Yeah, another Batman installment.  I need to find some different characters!  Once again the golden moist cake of Twinkies are used to divert attention of a would-be gold swindler.  These people are really stupid confusing a light, creme filled tube with a gold bar.  Have you ever seen a real gold bar?  They’re pretty big, … Continue reading

Spider-Man in “The Spider-Man and the Fly!”

Whoever wrote this edition must have been paid by the word;  this is probably the wordiest Twinkie sales pitch I’ve ever seen; comparitively the Russian novel of Hostess Comic ads.  Most of it was wasted too because Spider-Man din’t tempt the Fly with Twinkies until almost the end, and this was news to me Spider-man had a … Continue reading

Batman and Sable Lady

The most surprising part of this ad isn’t that Batman can fit four packages of Hostess Cupcakes in his utility belt without squishing them, or that Robin has more wordplay than a Marx brothers movie, it’s that this woman who has such great taste and deep lovvvvvve of furs isn’t worried about getting chocolaty frosting … Continue reading

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