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Batman and Professor Plutonium

Yeah, another Batman installment.  I need to find some different characters!  Once again the golden moist cake of Twinkies are used to divert attention of a would-be gold swindler.  These people are really stupid confusing a light, creme filled tube with a gold bar.  Have you ever seen a real gold bar?  They’re pretty big, and heavy!  Whatever.  In the end the Caped Crusader tells the good professor he better get used to prison food.  Er, there’s a totally different joke that is more appropriate, but this is a family friendly feature.  You figure it out.


About briandettmann

Brian Dettmann started collecting comics in the summer of 1984 when he and a friend stopped by the Waldenbooks and Paper Tiger bookstores in the Fox River Mall in Oshkosh, WI. Despite moving to comic/civilization deprived eastern Vermont a couple months later, the two issues purchased that day led to a lifetime of reading and collecting comics (not to mention spending untold amounts of money). Now in his early-40s Brian lives in north Texas with his (unbelievably patient) wife, three (non-comic reading) children and varying amounts of dogs. He still reads comics, but doesn’t consider himself much of a collector anymore. Brian has been writing and drawing comics almost as long as he’s been reading them. His current strip, “Kids ‘n Dogs,” premiered February 2008 in The Chronicle, a great weekly newspaper published in Glens Falls, NY, where it can be read (nearly) every Thursday.


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