Brian Dettmann started collecting comics in the summer of 1984 when he and a friend stopped by the Waldenbooks and Paper Tiger bookstores in the Fox River Mall in Oshkosh, WI. Despite moving to comic/civilization deprived eastern Vermont a couple months later, the two issues purchased that day led to a lifetime of reading and collecting comics (not to mention spending untold amounts of money). Now in his early-40s Brian lives in north Texas with his (unbelievably patient) wife, three (non-comic reading) children and varying amounts of dogs. He still reads comics, but doesn’t consider himself much of a collector anymore. Brian has been writing and drawing comics almost as long as he’s been reading them. His current strip, “Kids ‘n Dogs,” premiered February 2008 in The Chronicle, a great weekly newspaper published in Glens Falls, NY, where it can be read (nearly) every Thursday.
briandettmann has written 28 posts for Hostess Comic Ads

Captain Marvel and the Energy Crisis

Captain Marvel doesn’t strike me as being a top-tier character so I’m (pleasantly) surprised to see him on the Hostess roster.  He’s cool and all, but not exactly Spider-Man, Batman or the Hulk.  In this edition an evil scientist wants to test his energy sapping ray on some kids at the local playground.  It makes … Continue reading

A Flash In the Dam

Are you like me?  Are you sick of Batman stealing all the thunder for DC when it comes to Hostess ads?  Time for someone new; someone like the Flash.  Here he faces off against the Destroyer who is about to destroy the Doover Dam so everyone else in the world will be miserable like him … Continue reading

Human Torch in Hot Time In Old Town

The Human Torch is the second member of the Fantastic Four to pitch delicious baked goods in a Hostess ad (at least on this site.  The Thing, hawking Fruit pies, was the first).  While reading a newspaper ol’ Torchy finds out the city is burning because of some manic with a flame thrower.  I guess … Continue reading

Batman and Twinkieless Gotham City

This is clearly the Adam West version of Batman in the Hostess ads.  I can practically hear Burgess Meredith’s “wak-wak-wak” as the Penguin announces his fiendish plan to hypnotize Twinkie delivery men. Anyone have stats on which character appeared in the most Hostess ads?  Right now, from what I’ve managed to collect over the past … Continue reading

Iron Man in the Hungry Battleaxe!

The knight is on a rampage looking for uranium.  From this, Iron Man extrapolates that this villain is actually just hungry, so he feeds him some Hostess Fruit Pies.  Problem solved.  From where in his armor does Iron Man pull all of these fruit pies?  It’s not like he has a utility belt or something.  … Continue reading

Batman & Robin: Birds of a Feather

Even Hostess ads are politically correct as the installment’s villain corrects Robin that her name is Pigeon Person, not Pigeon Woman.  I’m just glad she’s only a character in one page ads selling creme filled cake.  Lot of witty repartee in this one too. I have yet to see one of the heroes actually eating … Continue reading

Aquaman and the Imperiled Sub!

Generally speaking ocean water and baked goods don’t mix very well.  Not only is your cake soggy, but the delicious creme filling is salty (and fishy). In this installment Twinkies aren’t used to fight crime or solve a problem, but as a means of celebration after Aquaman and Aqualad save a sub from a rogue … Continue reading

Spider-Man Spoils a Snatch

Nothing can top that title.  Poor Mary Jane Watson.  That’s all I have to say on this subject.

The Thing in “Sunday Punch”

Ben Grimm, the ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing gets his turn to hawk baked goods this time around.  A giant animated building has ruined The Thing’s snack run by causing havoc amongst the city dwellers.  Some clobberin’ time could take care of things, but gawkers are getting in the way so he distracts them tender … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts

Time to bring a woman’s touch to Hostess Ads.  Here we get to read how Wonder Woman guides a couple of lost astronauts back to Earth with Fruit Pies; they see the pies floating in the vacuum of space and know only Earth has fruit pies which clues them in that they’re on the right … Continue reading

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