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Batman and Sable Lady

The most surprising part of this ad isn’t that Batman can fit four packages of Hostess Cupcakes in his utility belt without squishing them, or that Robin has more wordplay than a Marx brothers movie, it’s that this woman who has such great taste and deep lovvvvvve of furs isn’t worried about getting chocolaty frosting … Continue reading

The Incredible Hulk and “Friends!”

I don’t believe it!!  A featured character in a Hostess ad finally eats one of the products!!  In this case the Hulk has been imprisoned by King Torkon who maintains he his Hulk’s friend, which seems contradictory, I mean who imprisons a friend, right?  In order to prove his friendship the King shares Hostess Cupcakes … Continue reading

Hawkman Makes a Safe Landing

I’ve often pointed out that we never see heroes or villains enjoying Hostess products in these ads, but this edition is downright insulting.  A skydiver is having  parachute problems, but Hawkman is there to save him and his Hostess Cupcakes.  Once on the ground the skydiver shares his precious baked good booty with other skydivers, … Continue reading

Spider-Man and the Cupcake Caper

In this edition delicious Hostess Cupcakes are used as a distraction rather than the solution to a crime.  This one is interesting because an actual comic book character, Mary Jane Watson, is holding the product, even if she’s not shown biting and enjoying the delicious devil’s food cake and creamy filling.

Batman “The Muse”

The Muse is a cool cat who goes around playing gigs for famous musicians.  Batman and Robin are in the audience investigating the disappearances of famous musicians like Rich Jaggard, Jim Colorado and Elfish Hipsley.  The Muse plays a special keyboard that sucks in the famous musicians so he’s actually playing them through his keyboard.  … Continue reading

Captain Marvel and the Energy Crisis

Captain Marvel doesn’t strike me as being a top-tier character so I’m (pleasantly) surprised to see him on the Hostess roster.  He’s cool and all, but not exactly Spider-Man, Batman or the Hulk.  In this edition an evil scientist wants to test his energy sapping ray on some kids at the local playground.  It makes … Continue reading

Batman & Robin: Birds of a Feather

Even Hostess ads are politically correct as the installment’s villain corrects Robin that her name is Pigeon Person, not Pigeon Woman.  I’m just glad she’s only a character in one page ads selling creme filled cake.  Lot of witty repartee in this one too. I have yet to see one of the heroes actually eating … Continue reading

Spider-Man Spoils a Snatch

Nothing can top that title.  Poor Mary Jane Watson.  That’s all I have to say on this subject.

Captain America and the Sore Sir’s Apprentice

What a witty play on words for the title! This isn’t one of the better Hostess ads, I have to admit, but the purpose here is to collect as many as possible, so here it is.  The only comment I can think of is who needs music to calm the savage beast when you have … Continue reading

Shazam: The Cup Cake Caper

None of these ads aren’t exactly the height of literary expression, I know, but “The Cup Cake Caper” has to be among the more obtuse entries to the series.  The criminal never explains why he’s stealing all of the world’s cup cakes, and his response to being found out by Shazam (he’ll always be Captain … Continue reading

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