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Daredevil vs. Johnny Punk!

I think this is one of the more dramatically drawn  Hostess ads, at least when ol’ horn head is in the panels, perhaps as a way to reflect the mood of Daredevil’s title.  Johnny Punk has a plan to control people’s minds through his music, which Daredevil doesn’t like because he’s a good guy.  DD … Continue reading

Iron Man in the Hungry Battleaxe!

The knight is on a rampage looking for uranium.  From this, Iron Man extrapolates that this villain is actually just hungry, so he feeds him some Hostess Fruit Pies.  Problem solved.  From where in his armor does Iron Man pull all of these fruit pies?  It’s not like he has a utility belt or something.  … Continue reading

The Thing in “Sunday Punch”

Ben Grimm, the ever lovin’ blue eyed Thing gets his turn to hawk baked goods this time around.  A giant animated building has ruined The Thing’s snack run by causing havoc amongst the city dwellers.  Some clobberin’ time could take care of things, but gawkers are getting in the way so he distracts them tender … Continue reading

Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts

Time to bring a woman’s touch to Hostess Ads.  Here we get to read how Wonder Woman guides a couple of lost astronauts back to Earth with Fruit Pies; they see the pies floating in the vacuum of space and know only Earth has fruit pies which clues them in that they’re on the right … Continue reading

Superman: The Spy

Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but I don’t think this one would pass the censors today.  A snooping reporter looking in Clark Kent’s closet and finding fruit pies?  On the heels of Green Lantern’s “outing,” this seems like a bad double entendre.  Anyway, once again, tender,flaky crust and delicious fruit filling save the … Continue reading

The Joker: The Cornered Clown

Ripped(almost literally) from the cover of Superman Family #177 (July 1976)  it’s the clown prince of crime hawking some Hostess Fruit Pies.  Now my first thought here is why in heaven’s name would you want your wholesome pies associated with a psychopath like The Joker?  I think the last panel sums it all up.  I … Continue reading

Batman: The Whole World’s Upside Down

I’m kicking off the first post with a mix of common and unique for the Hostess ads that I found in Superboy #227 (May 1977). Common:  In the 40 ads I’ve cataloged over the past couple weeks Batman has appeared in the most ads.  Considering he’s among the most popular comic book characters of all … Continue reading

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