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Batman and Professor Plutonium

Yeah, another Batman installment.  I need to find some different characters!  Once again the golden moist cake of Twinkies are used to divert attention of a would-be gold swindler.  These people are really stupid confusing a light, creme filled tube with a gold bar.  Have you ever seen a real gold bar?  They’re pretty big, … Continue reading

Spider-Man in “The Spider-Man and the Fly!”

Whoever wrote this edition must have been paid by the word;  this is probably the wordiest Twinkie sales pitch I’ve ever seen; comparitively the Russian novel of Hostess Comic ads.  Most of it was wasted too because Spider-Man din’t tempt the Fly with Twinkies until almost the end, and this was news to me Spider-man had a … Continue reading

Spider-Man and the Twinkie Takers

Judging by the 1976 copyright date I’m guessing this has to be among the first Hostess ads that ran in comic books; at least the ones with comic characters.  The basic plot has two guys trying to rob a store of all the Twinkies, but things go wrong because Peter Parker happens to be shopping … Continue reading

Batman and The Mummy

I’m so sick of seeing Batman in the Hostess ads, but he’s in the most ads that I’ve found so what choice do I have?  Just make the most of it. This starts off pretty dramatic (as far as Hostess ads go) and quickly falls into the usual idiocy.  I like the opening line of … Continue reading

A Flash In the Dam

Are you like me?  Are you sick of Batman stealing all the thunder for DC when it comes to Hostess ads?  Time for someone new; someone like the Flash.  Here he faces off against the Destroyer who is about to destroy the Doover Dam so everyone else in the world will be miserable like him … Continue reading

Human Torch in Hot Time In Old Town

The Human Torch is the second member of the Fantastic Four to pitch delicious baked goods in a Hostess ad (at least on this site.  The Thing, hawking Fruit pies, was the first).  While reading a newspaper ol’ Torchy finds out the city is burning because of some manic with a flame thrower.  I guess … Continue reading

Batman and Twinkieless Gotham City

This is clearly the Adam West version of Batman in the Hostess ads.  I can practically hear Burgess Meredith’s “wak-wak-wak” as the Penguin announces his fiendish plan to hypnotize Twinkie delivery men. Anyone have stats on which character appeared in the most Hostess ads?  Right now, from what I’ve managed to collect over the past … Continue reading

Aquaman and the Imperiled Sub!

Generally speaking ocean water and baked goods don’t mix very well.  Not only is your cake soggy, but the delicious creme filling is salty (and fishy). In this installment Twinkies aren’t used to fight crime or solve a problem, but as a means of celebration after Aquaman and Aqualad save a sub from a rogue … Continue reading

Thor Meets a Glutton for Gold

Finally an ad for Twinkies! Gudrun loves gold, but Thor convinces him the golden cake of a Twinkie is better than gold.  Now I think Thor contradicts himself here by declaring Twinkies are more valuable than gold, but then offers Gudrun all of the Twinkies in Asgard.  Odin is going to be pissed off when … Continue reading

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